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Great podcast app!👍👍

Awesome app guys!

Looking for funny and motivational people

This is a great app. There are so many different people and things you can do on Castbox. I love this I was looking for a app so I can find people with funny and motivational speeches. When I got this app I found one of my favorite YouTube’s and I got a lot of who were like him. I also found other positive people I didn’t know. I would’ve never found people this funny or motivational if I didn’t download this app.


I previously rated this app as a one star because there was bugs in it. Within one day that developers fixed the issue and now I am a happy user. As promised, this is a five star app. Here was my original post: Like some of the other reviews, this was my favorite app until a few days ago. Now it freezes up. It has been such a good app that I'm sure they will work out the bugs. But I hope they do it quickly because I miss listening to my podcasts. My 1star review will go back to 5 stars when problems are resolved.

Great on Android Platform, not on Apple

Originally adopted this app on the Android platform. Picked it up on iOS to carry podcasts over from there. Some useful functions are absent. Ability to sort subscribed podcasts and tag podcasts are not included. - added following Developer response - The 'Latest Podcasts' is helpful, but having to navigate through 'Trending' to access 'Latest' isn't ideal, especially as I haven't found the trending content very relevant. Added one star after response.

Much Better Than Apple!

Castbox. Is. Godsent. I first started using this app because not only was Apple Podcasts just not doing it for me, but for the sake of being able to switch things up. Fast forward about 5 months, and my life is literally 100000X different. Not only is Castbox SO aesthetically pleasing, (coming from someone who will not use an app if the icon is bad or if I don't like the design overall) but it's very easy to use. I also love that you have your own little tab for recommended podcast episodes, (the fact that it says things like "Good Afternoon" and "Good Morning" in the Listen tab is so, just amazing) and other details and such. All in all, this is one of my favorite apps, and I never fail to use it daily. Recommend Podcasts By Me: The Sunday Scaries, Limetown, The Struggle Bus, Kalyn's Coffee Talk, Shane and Friends, The Black Tapes, and Freakonomics Radio. Sincerely, 🐈Podcats🐈

Favorite podcast app

I switched to Castbox when Apple switched to their new podcast format. I tried most the top podcast apps and Castbox is my favorite. It has great layout options and it’s easy to organize a playlist. Some of the previous versions had some problems with freezing, but they seemed to fix all of those. They’re also quick to respond to emails if you have any issues or suggestions for improvements.


Love the layout. It works. Very happy and satisfied.

5 stars

Great app. Quick and easy access to all the podcasts you could want

EDIT: Problematic update

EDIT: Download issues were fixed, app is back to being my favorite podcast app by a mile (and I’ve tried pretty much every one at one point or another). Bonus was remarkably responsive customer service from the developer, who really cares about a good app experience. (Here was my original comment: App no longer allows for podcast downloads (freezes app completely) and podcast downloads are now weirdly ordered, where once it was logical (most recently downloaded podcast at the top). A few updates have been posted since this has happened, still an issue. Really liked the app before, very disappointed.)

Love the app but... new update causing force quits

Best app on my phone, but new updates causing phone to make me restart the app:/ like the new interface but app closes.

Mostly fixed, but still better than anything else!

I've tried quite a few podcast options in the wake of Apple's "upgrades". My priorities are large volume queue management for about 40 podcasts that I am either caught up with or listening through their back-log. This app does that wonderfully. The tools are all there with common sense features to allow easy and safe handling of all your episodes. My queue is usually around the 200 episode mark and I have no issue organizing the episodes. Edit: Fixed I say mostly fixed as there's a few sequencing errors where returning to the app and hitting play won't actually start your queue, but these are easy to work around and don't get in the way too much. Edit: Fixed There's also one or two podcasts that I've found that turn up errors when trying to listen or load their pages, but I still have the Apple podcasts app and it had to be useful for something, right? I’ve moved to my backup app for a little after I lost my queue due to my own error, but I miss the navigability and the ease of use for the UI and especially queue management. The Devs have been really active in taking care of issues and even invited me to one of the recent betas. This is definitely a solid app. I just need to get back over here!


Amazing simple and easy

Where's Infowars????

Why are you guys censoring Alex Jones? He has a right to free speech as much as anyone else. Infowars is the truth, that is why the corrupt establishment deems him so dangerous.

Pretty Buggy

Have had lots of occasions where the auto download is not working and the app crashes or just doesn’t work when switching between podcasts.

Search function

Doesn't seem to work.

Used to work

Now it is getting close to unusable. The customer service person is good at answering queries but the problems persist. They had a pretty good app that had everything I wanted. Not sure why they badly messed it up. Will change score if it’s ever fixed.

What happened?

App was working fine. Now I am unable to download episodes to my iPhone to listen offline in the car. I have plenty of available space.

Cool app could work better

Like it

Mostly okay.

I love their ease of finding new pods to listen to. But the Listen tab should be your saved playlist of pods and not MORE recommendations. That is the only thing stopping me from using this app full time. Right now I use it to find new pods and then download in Overcast because their playlist is so seamless and easy.

App that supports free speech 👍🏾

Great app

Great updates in this release

Keep up the great updates in the releases. It’s getting better and better with each release

Lost downloads with latest update.

Lost all my downloads with the latest update. Not good, and I think this happened once before.

5 Stars and then some.

Great app!! Every podcast I could want is available. More importantly, the app had a recent issue with freezing up. I contacted the development team and they record replied immediately and we worked through the problem within a couple of days...Top Notch! I will become a premium user!!

I love this app but

Since Apple updated their podcast app I tried pretty much every other podcast app and this one is the best. However, the other day my phone alerted me that my storage was full. Castbox was using 4gb while I only had 700mb downloaded, was subscribed to roughly 30 podcasts. So I deleted any downloaded podcasts, history, and unsubscribed to all podcasts and it was still the same. No use in having a podcast app when it takes up so much space that you can’t download any podcasts

Works great but could be better

I just want to be able to sort my favorites alphabetically or by date.

Freezes up

Since last update the app freezes up. I cannot download or listen to any podcast.

Was amazing...

Constantly freezing up now whenever I attempt to download or add to my playlist.

No longer works

Was my favorite app. Since update last week, whenever attempting to download a podcast the entire thing freezes. Will change rating as soon as fix happens. Thanks

Crashes since update

Since the update it keeps crashing. In fact, today, the app will not even open. Disappointing because I loved this app. I will hang in for a few more days in hopes that it will be fixed soon.


The advertisements showed different languages available in this app. I would like to listen to fluent Japanese as part of immersion during my study. Would someone mind telling where that is? Thanks, my experience with this app will be improved following this revelation.


Really easy to use.

Latest update drops score

Downloaded the most recent update and my downloaded podcasts are out of order (how hard is it to sort by date?) Also, if I lust that an episode should be downloaded automatically, please download it and don’t freeze the screen.

Great app with one thing to improve

I recently downloaded this app and really enjoyed it so far. I’ve tried tons of other podcast apps and this one seems the best so far. One thing I couldn’t get to work is continuous play in the playlist. It’ll just stop after finishing one episode and I have to manually start the next one. If this can be fixed it’ll be great.

Issue resolved and I can listen again!!

I was having an issue with the app not loading following an update. I uninstalled and reinstalled and I have got my playlist back! I’m genuinely happy!!!!

Loved this app until update.

Used this app for many hours a day at work. Recent app update makes it crash on startup. Tried reinstalling it many times. If they fix the bug it’s five stars all the way.

The previous version worked just fine

This particular update is buggy. I can't download. I can't play any episode. I always have to exit and come back again. Same thing


Love this app. I fall asleep to podcasts every night. But as of yesterday, I haven’t been able to open it. It looks like a newer version was released. But apples App Store is not giving me the option to update. I would love to find a way to fix this problem without deleting the app from my phone/ re installing, because I do not want to lose my long lists of downloaded episodes 😩

Constant crashing

I also haven’t been able to open the app on my iPhone since the last update. Driving me crazy! It still isn’t working in the newest version.

Unable to download

Every time I download a podcast the whole app freezes. Without this I can’t listen offline at work.

Almost perfect

Up until the last update (today is September 7th, 2018), this app was perfect: clearly the most advanced and highest quality podcast app on the App Store. But now, each time I try to download a podcast, the app freezes and I have to manually force the app closure. Please help!

Update freezes - app was the best!

The last version was awesome, the new version freezes on my iPhone 8. Please fix ASAP! Thanks.

Usually love this app 🙌🏽😍

Love this app. I fall asleep to podcasts every night. But as of yesterday, I haven’t been able to open it. It looks like a newer version was released. But apples App Store is not giving me the option to update. I would love to find a way to fix this problem without deleting the app from my phone/ re installing, because I do not want to lose my long lists of downloaded episodes 😩

A good one

This app is my only podcast app now after trying several ones. Love the clean UI design and functional features. Kodus!


Great on my android phone, clunky on the iPad.



Great app


Pretty Great!

Love this app the only thing that’s currently driving me nuts are the notifications won’t go away. Other than that, fantastic!

Different on different platforms.

Android version would allow sorting the episodes screen whereas the IOS app does not. Otherwise would be 5 stars. Can’t use this on the road now.

Great podcast app!

Nice interface. Easy download and deleting system. Love the account option with the ability to find, subscribe and listen on the desktop browser. Best Podcast catcher that I’ve used so far.

Horrible user experience

Podcasts don’t play most of the time. Tune in is a much better app.

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