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The podcast app I’ve been searching for?

I have been searching for an app just like this since Apple changed their podcast interface. It’s as if the creators of Castbox designed the app with me in mind. I have only begun using it; however, from the looks of it so far, this is just what I’ve been searching for! So glad I stumbled upon the advertisement on Instagram!

Deleted my data without warning

Deleted all my subscription data and my listening history without warning. All it saved was the episode of the podcast I was listening to right then. I liked it until then, but I'm not going to take a chance and start over on this one and have to remember all my subscriptions and remark episodes as played. The other downside that it had was there was no easy way to have the podcasts play oldest to newest without also setting the oldest at the top of the list and having to scroll down forever, at least that I could figure out.

No Patreon

Castbox cannot find Patreon RSS URL podcasts. Also when trying to import from iTunes, it claims that it cannot find any subscribed podcasts yet I’m subscribed to several.

Good App!!!

Very useful app! after using it, you can get rewards.

Excellent app, one complaint

Where can I turn off auto play. I wanna go to sleep listening to a podcast and it will play the others I have downloaded. It’s annoying.

Too many ads

App functions well overall, but in the latest updates they’ve really started shoving promotions in your face. As of the current update every time you open the app you have to look at a full-screen promo for a few seconds before you can actually get to your content. If this continues I might start looking for a few podcast app.

Ben Shapiro

Sharp, concise, and to the point

Backgrounding abilities poor

This apps layout/interface and performance is great and intuitive, but the only problem I have with it is working in the background as well as playing while phone is locked. When I pause a podcast, when I am ready to hit play outside of the app again, it usually doesn’t start playing, so I have to find and open the app and press play inside the app. Not optimal for those who use it in the background that can’t whip out their phones but need to pause/play it.

Dark mode is horrible, fix it for 5 star

I like the app but the dark mode is horrible. It's annoying light black color. Please make the dark mode similar to Acast. It's really soothing but Acast lacks serious important features that Castbox has. Please change the color of dark mode and make it more soothing dark color. If you do that, I'll give you a definite 5 star. Thanks.

Love this podcast and audio app

Lots of great fixes in this latest version. Keep up the great work! Would love to see some playlist population features with ability to select certain podcasts to be shown in the playlist while leaving some out. Update: app keeps crashing and hanging on downloads. Very annoying!

Subscribed & Favorites Vanished?

For the most part I’ve liked this app - works better then the default. It’s quirky and you have to wade through a lot of mediocre so it yourselfers to find something new that’s decent. The search is very picky “Box of Oddities” returns nothing but “THE Box of Oddities” works. And the categories are bit off “This American Life” under “Kids?” Snd the discoveries keep changing so if you don’t remember the exact name of something you liked it’s impossible to find again - making subscriptions, favorites and even search history key - unfortunately mine vanished. Now I’m back to finding a new podcast app or wading in the muck to find something to listen to.

Small problem

I love the app, it’s great, one small problem that has occurred for me, fairly recently, it wasn’t like this when I first got the app, but uh, when I am listening to a podcast the three lines and kind of a half arrow icon that you tap on to switch the direction of which the podcast plays, (ex. 1-20 or 20-1) It is stuck on backwards, so I can’t just listen to the episodes in order, after an ep is at its end I have to open the app, scroll down to the next episode, and manually play it, now I do not know if my settings are messed up or this is a bug but if someone could point me in the direction of fixing this that’d be greaaat (and yes I have deleted then reinstalled the app and turned my phone off and on) Thanks!!

希望有4x,5x功能。wish there is 4x, 5x speed choice

希望有4x,5x功能。wish there is 4x, 5x speed choice. 3x很好,但是很多时候还是太慢。

Was working fine but...

I started using Castbox as an alternative to the frustrating Apple podcast app. But now for some reason when I’m in castbox, I’m not having the option to ascend my episodes. Sure there’s a button for it but it’s just there for decoration. This makes it frustrating when I want to listen to episodes in chronological order because the default seems to be the newest episode gets played next. 😐Especially frustrating for the podcasts that have several (hundreds+) episodes. There’s only so much refreshing you can do when trying to reach the episode you want to listen to anytime you open the app. Is anyone else having this issue? Am I not working it right?

Hi sorry to miss you

I have a couple more days off and I’m not gonna wanna day today and tomorrow morning at my work and we are gonna right about a week from today to the one time that you guys going around town or if your busy time we could do something fun or do we want something fun or what we could just do something fun or do on your trip if I don’t get

Great but

The app itself is great! I love it very much and works much better than apples podcast app. But recently when I've tried to press the button that puts the first episodes at the top so I can start from the beginning, it won't let me? It just, doesn't work and it's kinda messing me up.

Well done Castbox!!

After wandering aimlessly through the poor selection of podcast apps; I finally came across Castbox and have since found a reliable source for my favorite podcasts.

The best

One of the best apps which I use daily.


Amazing app, has all the pod casts ☺️

Need better table of contents

Can't find what I am looking for because "Discover" does not break down subjects enough. It seems to me topics are not organized well.

Love it!

I came to this one from Apple Podcast, which is quite complicated to use. I found this castbox app is so easy to use, everything is very clear, I can find all kinds of favorite podcasts here. Love it, highly recommend!


Great so far

Mind Love

Castbox led me to Mind Love with Melissa Monte and it is changing my life. Thank you Castbox!!

Would love this, but...

I am totally stumped on why an app like this would require wifi/cellular access to play already downloaded episodes??? Huge issue for me. I fly often and will be going back to Casts which allows downloaded podcasts to play, well, like downloaded content. Like most of what goes on with this app, but this is a deal breaker for me.


This thing hardly even as any music and I downloaded this app for music

Love this app but still not working correctly on iPhone X

Even after the upgrade today, still can’t subscribe to podcasts or sort podcasts by episode numbers like more recent to less recent! This has only been an issue since upgrading to iPhone X 😩

Need simple update

Hello guys your app is perfect and better than all the podcast apps in Apple store believe me I tried all the other apps to get the best one but I didn't find any app like this one 👍🏻 But it seems like I can't use all the features of Airpods with it!!! you know the airpods has the most useful feature at all which is tap twice on the airpod to move to the next audio or get back to the previous audio but it doesn't work very well!!! I mean next audio ok but previous audio didn't work what makes me go to the phone to replay the audio that I need even if I being away from the phone doing any work or exercise or whatever.. Otherwise this app is the best one I tried 👍🏻 So please try to fix this thing soon.. Thank you so much

Tyrone Jackson pod cast!

I was referred to his podcast by my sister and brother-in-law so happy that I did! I have so much to learn and can’t wait to learn it so thank you Mr. Jackson for all your knowledge hopefully one day I’ll have the opportunity in meeting you.

Won’t connect at all

I’ve tried everything ~ no ...I really have. If I see Ooppss ~ error message one more time. Won’t load a single podcast. When I search nothing comes up. Yes, I’m a member. Yes I’m on really good WiFi.

iPhone X

I love this podcast app, found it when I first had an Android and it was the best that I’ve used. I now have an iPhone X and unfortunately the Subscribe button will not work on any podcast I want to subscribe too. I’ve looked for a solution on the Google machine, but have found nothing.

Very nice ui!

Just tried Castbox after hearing about in on a podcast. Really like it and seems less confusing then some others. Easy to find content.

Like it, but performance issues holding it back

I like the interface and the functionality of the app but have had too many performance issues with it. These include freezing of the app interface so I can’t change podcast or move within the app without closing and reopening multiple times. Not having the podcast restart where it ended when I turned off the car, instead it picks up from where it stopped two times ago. If they get the performance issues fixed this would be a strong replacement but until then, I’m going to have to move on.


Great app👌

a great app but difficult to unsubscribe.

i have enjoyed using this app but found it quite difficult to unsubscribe. it took leaving a bad review for the app expressing my frustration and waiting a couple months for a reply to get a response. i have learned you must cancel subscriptions through the app store itself. besides this, i enjoyed using the app, very intuitive and i much prefer it to the apple podcast app!


Podcasts that I listen to (without downloading the episode) tends to restart in the middle of me listening. It’s happened three or four times since the latest update, I don’t know what went wrong but it needs to be fixed!

Won’t play any podcasts anymore

After the newest update every time I open the app it says I’m not connected to WiFi and when I allow it to use mobile data it still won’t play anything, please fix this soon it’s a great app but I can’t use it anymore


Great to have a choice for listening. Thanks !

Castbox agenda

Castbox pushes a certain politcal agenda popular among the affluent elderly. The products advertised on these podcasts are financial scams.

Can you guys please fix this!!!!

This has been an issue ever since the app first started can you guys please fix this issue!! If you accidentally close the app while listening to a podcast then you lose everything you have just listened to!!! No matter if it was for 5 mins or an hour and a half! Once you fix this one issue this app might be perfect

Perfect for language learning podcasts!

Perfect for language learning podcasts. From advanced to beginning students.

This is ok

It takes a long time to upload the playlist but it's all good

Castbox doesn’t/didn’t work away from WiFi.

I don’t know what happened, but Castbox was working fine until today. Last night while connected to WiFi, I downloaded some episodes to a podcast I’m subscribed to, but couldn’t access them during my drive into work. None of the episodes were accessible. I’ve always been able to access them while away from WiFi, so I’m not sure what happened. I guess I’m onto some other podcast service, since Castbox no longer works.


Found in app store it is the best!

Awesome, just one suggestion

It would be great if we could rearrange the order of our subscribed podcasts, perhaps in a drag and drop kind of way.

For real folks, no filter

Straight up real talk! Thanks for the “straight to the point” talks.

So far smooth to use

No complaints yet still getting the hang of this app but it’s easy to maneuver so that’s good

Sh*t they don’t tell you...

Downloaded this app to listen to Nikki and Steve Greene. Have already found like 8 more podcasts! It’s so much easier to search through than the IOS app. Love it!

No Chromecast Support? No thanks, but looked promising.

Perhaps when/if this app ever gets support for Google's Chromecast, I'll give it a proper look. Until then, I'll pass.

Some icons don’t work.

I can’t find an icon legend anywhere. What is the icon with three lines and a plus sign in the right corner? When I press it the plus changes to minus but nothing happens. Tried the website with no luck. Also, I set personal to delete after played and some did not. Can’t find info on how to delete.

Useless in offline mode

Loaded this app up for a recent long haul flight with podcasts. I downloaded all the shows on my WiFi. When I opened it up once we were in flight ready to enjoy my shows and it told me I needed to be connected to the internet, and it wouldn’t let me access any of the downloaded episodes. Once I landed and it was able to authenticate with their servers then it let me play again. So sick of people shoving DRM down my throat. Suffice it to say, I went back to Downcast.

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